Derriere Equestrian Men's Cannes Competition Breech

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Derriere Equestrian Men's Cannes Competition Breech

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The Derriere Equestrian Cannes Competition breeches are designed to promote optimal comfort and performance.  They work in harmony with the Derriere undergarments ensuring all fabric surfaces come together in a symbiosis that completely eliminates chaffing, abrasions and discomfort associated with the seated element of equestrian sports.

Derriere Equestrian Breeches feature a unique flexi cuff system providing a seamless flexible design for ultimate comfort and support of the rider's lower limb musculature, reducing the bulk and discomfort often felt with conventional breeches that maintain bulky velcro fastenings.

Colour: White with a white flex cuff featuring the purple and gold Derriere Equestrian Logo Design.  They feature very subtle Diamanté on corner pockets and have a designer crystal button fastening.

Size guide:

DE label 26 - UK size 26-28

DE label 28 - UK size 28-30

DE label 30 - UK size 30-32

DE label 32 - UK size 32-34

DE label 34 - UK size 34-36

DE label 36 - UK size 36-38

DE label 38 - UK size 38-40

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1 - 1 of 2 results